Accidental Confirmation about the Size of iPhone 8 by Apple

The upcoming iPhone 8 has already started creating a lot of buzz. Various sources, dummy units and schematics had revealed that iPhone 8 is going to be bigger than iPhone 7 by nearly 1.1 inch. These speculations were not given any credit, but now Apple itself has confirmed this news.

The information about the screen of the iPhone becoming 5.8 inches from 4.7 inches was given by HomePod Beta code. The roadmap information of iPhone 8 was accidentally shipped by the software. The person responsible for uncovering this information is Steve Troughton-Smith, a well-known developer.

Troughton-Smith has revealed this information in a tweet and said that he had extracted the metrics applicable on the status bar, including the ear width and notch height. He also added that this was the first formal confirmation by the juggernaut Apple that iPhone 8 will have a display that will be more massive than that of iPhone 7.

iPhone 8 will be a great achievement as it is going to have the largest screen Apple has ever made before. In addition to this, it is going to be physically much closer to the tiny models. Now if Apple releases a model that is edge to edge, then the display of that model can be about 7 inches.

People are still wondering whether iPhone 8 is just way too overpriced or is it actually worth it and if it is a wise decision to terminate the Touch ID. But despite all these factors, people are pretty excited about the magnificent design they are going to witness with the launch of iPhone 8.

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